Rule 1: Stop Raging, Stop Typing, and Start Muting

I know it’s actually three rules in one, but according to Christianity that’s ok.  In short, stop raging, stop typing altogether unless it provides useful, non-emotional information.  Finally, if you tend to rage mute people, avoid the conflict.

Let me start by defining rage.  Rage is anything that someone could get upset at,that happened in the past, that someone did wrong, that is said to “help” the person.  Saying, “KS” does not help anything.  Do don’t ever bring up what happened in the past, whether it’s 1 second ago and 60 minutes ago, whats in the past cannot be changed (sorry about the overused expression but it’s fitting).  Only worry about what you can do next that will help.

Never rage!  Ever. Statistically, people lose 50% of their games, or somewhere around that.  That means that losing will happen, throws will happen, feeders, afks, Teemos will happen.  Don’t get mad at them, seriously it is not worth it.  If you want to climb cut out the rage and stop typing.

Try typing while someone talks to you or while you watch a movie, you won’t be able to focus on both.  This same process goes for League.  While you type you are not focusing on the game, you’re not watching the minimap, skillshots coming at you, the Wu that’s about you ult your face off.  Even if you can, even if you’re the best multitasker, don’t rage because your teammates are not.  They will get distracted.  Assume you’re teammates type ten words a minute, that means that to form a sentence there hands are not on the mouse for at least thirty seconds, that’s bad. The only exception to the “not typing” rule is to get your team to move to objectives, to group, to ward, to get something accomplished, (ie “lets ward around dragon” “lets rotate bot”).  But these can be short and simple, nothing longer than a few words and entirely devoid of emotions.

Another note about raging, when people are upset they tend to think unclearly.  Obvious, logical decisions turn into emotional reactions and things go down the drain FAST.  League takes a lot of focus and concentration–if you want to climb–, and when people think unclearly they make mistakes.  Stay calm.  And in a worst case scenario, just talk out loud, not in text.  At least this way, both your hands stay on your mouse and keyboard respectively.

If you do have raging problems and you know you are prone to rage, just mute everyone on your team.  It’s better to mute everyone than to rage.  If you don’t want to do that, just instantly mute anyone that mildly upset you.  Muting people is SO easy, but no one takes advantage of it.  Muting people will keep your head in the game and is free of charge.  BUT DON’T TELL PEOPLE YOU MUTED THEM… They tend to get mad, and this can cause more raging (although you won’t hear it because they are muted which is rather convenient) but likely it will affect your teammates who refuse to use the mute button.

The mute button can be found by clicking TAB then finding the chat bubble next to the persons name.  If you click it once it will but a cancel sign over the chat bubble, and they will be muted for you.  If  you do this to your friends it will unfriend them so be careful.

Finally, a lot of rage comes from trying to educate people.  Rage stems from “why weren’t you doing _____”  “why did you do this” ect. DO NOT TRY TO HELP PEOPLE.  They are not going to learn in one game, and they certainly are not going to listen to what you want to say anyways.  People are to defensive to helped, and unless they are asking you directly just don’t go there!  All it will do is start a debate and help you lose the game, again a debate means typing and not focusing.  If you really care about helping people add them after the game and talk to them then, if you’re not willing to do this then don’t bother wasting your time in game.

Fundamentally, one has to decide what matters more to them, winning or “helping” people by telling them what they did wrong.  The sad part, is the “helping” does do anything positive, it just makes the game more toxic and less fun.  To win, one has to be clear headed, and try to stifle the rage.  So stop telling people what to do to get better, just worry about your own game.  If you want to help people do it in the post game lobby.